Interview: Rollo Woods music researcher

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Interview: Rollo Woods music researcher

Edwin Macadam (wg-admin)
Back in 2017, Rollo Woods, regarded by many as the Godfather of the WGMA, gave an interview which was written up in the Church Times by Terence Henry Macmath, and dated 25th August. It contains the immortal line: "If West Gallery music is just a historical curiosity, then so is the music of Vivaldi."

Rollo was never one to boast openly about his achievements, but, like a Godfather, he steered many a singer or instrumentalist towards membership of the Association along with paricipation in their biennial music making events, and then to membership of participating Quires — or even, in my case, to forming new ones.

"I’m not really qualified to be a musician at all, though I have a great love for many kinds of music. I have a poor ear, can’t sing in tune, and don’t read music well. However, since I discovered instruments that require mainly mechanical skills — the concertina and autoharp — I’m able to enjoy taking part in certain limited musical activities. As to musical research, I spent 40 years of my life in universities, and research is what university people do."

Well worth revisiting, this article can be found at . Non-subscribers can read four such articles a month, free of charge.